Radical Pedagogy Offerings

The workshops below are some of the pedagogical offerings I love sharing with others. 

In this five-session workshop, participants engage with the practice of “re-storying” through writing and illustration exercises. In each session, participants re-imagine narratives that encourage reciprocal relationships with the natural world and those who inhabit it. For details on the course, see and read more here.

Drawing from Silvia Federici’s text “In Praise of the Dancing body,” this workshop… 


A few of the projects I have been a part of, either as a facilitator, designer or both. 

Since 2022 I have been collaborating with Revision as a facilitator in their digital storytelling workshops. If you want to learn more about Revision visit their website.

During 5 weeks ten newcomer youth in Toronto engaged with the practice of  video art to reflect on their identity and their connection to their Mother Tongue. For details on the workshop, see and read more here. 

One-month project consisting in weekend workshops introducing the medium of video art to sixty six teen participants from districts in Lima that are often misrepresented by mainstream media. For more details on the course, see and read here.

Academic Teaching

In collaboration with the Communication and Health Master program from the Pontificia Universidad Catótlica del Perú, this five-week course introduces students to the ethical considerations required for community engaged projects in the field of participatory communication. Through a feminist ethics of care that faces foregrounds the question of how to care (Puig de la Bellacasa, 2017), this course encourages students to reflect on their situated experiences and recognize the structures of power in which they are entangled.