Re-imagining is a practice of hope needed to sustain our planet. The first step is to reflect on the ways we have storied our belonging and connections to the natural world. Stories that call the land a resource or privilege human-made hierarchies, need transformation into narratives that inspire responsible ways of relating with the natural world.

In this five-session workshop, participants engage with the practice of “re-storying” through writing and illustration exercises. In each session, participants re-imagine narratives that encourage reciprocal relationships with the natural world and those who inhabit it.

Participants reflect on the importance of stories in the making of the world and creating relations among collectives. We outline the practice of re-storying as a way of disrupting dominant narratives while lifting the presence of voices that have been placed in the margins.

Participants engage in critical dialogue around the dominant narratives that position man over nature.

Through creative invitations participants dream of stories for otherwise presents and futures.

Through playful exercises and in dialogue with the grammar of animacy (Kimmerer, 2013), participants reflect on language as a tool to creating more nurturing relations and worlds.

Participants map their relations to human and non-human beings while reflecting on how, when and where do their connections happen. 

As the workshop comes to an end, we think on the solidarities  and reciprocal relations we can create with other human and non-human beings.

A first iteration of the workshop happened in collaboration with ICASC and Sierra Club BC. For five weeks, 15 participants gathered online to think-do-make individually and collectively. You can see the result of this gatherings below or HERE.

This workshop can be carried out online or in-person, if you are interested drop me a line at


"The Re-storying Workshops broadened the way I see nature and my relationship with the more-than-human world. I am now more aware of our kinship and that all beings, including those that are considered inanimate (rocks, water, air, fire, soil) are active participants in life and not just categories of things. All beings are connected and our future, for good or for ill, is entwined."
Rev. Dr. Victoria Marie
"The re-storying workshop series was thoughtfully crafted and beautifully facilitated. We had lovely conversations, and Andrea brought forward creative invitations, engaging readings, and fun prompts for us to imagine, create, and learn together. It was a pleasure to dedicate time each week for the sessions, and it really helped me prioritise the joy of making things!."
Anonymous participant
"Andrea's reading selections, invitations and prompts were so thoughtful - with both direction and spaciousness. I appreciated the opportunity to take different approaches, but genuinely just really enjoyed how creative the prompts/invitations were.."